Bible Truths

What does the Bible say about God, creation, humanity, salvation, the church, and the future? These radio programs by Dr. David Feddes explore important Bible truths. Just click a title to listen or read.


God’s Book

The Bible Alone

Learning to Listen

Built to Last

The Drunkard’s Roses

An Authority Problem

Believing What We Want

Sower, Seed, and Soil

Father and Creator

The Reason for Everything

I Am Who I Am

The God Who Sings

Trinity of Love

Blessed Trinity

The Beginning

The Designer’s Delight

King of Angels

Sugar-Coated Angels


Butterfly Wings and Cleopatra’s Nose

Supreme Ruler or Spare Tire?

Who Is Your Father?

Is God Your Father?

The Perfect Father

Daddy’s Child


Majestic Man

Created Male and Female

Afraid of Greatness

A Deadly Chain Reaction

A Clean Conscience

How to Wreck Your Life

The Unpardonable Sin

Jesus the Savior

The 100% Savior

The Great Physician

The Bread of Life

The Light of the World

The Good Shepherd

Sheep Without a Shepherd

How to Wreck Your Life

The Unpardonable Sin

Born to Save

Getting to Know Jesus

Backward Blessings

Kingdom Character

The Miracles of Jesus

Miracle Maker

Faith for Dummies

Seeing More Clearly

The Shining Savior

The Mystery Behind the Manger

A Christ Without a Cross?

The Shoeshine General

A Savior’s Prayer

A Willing Sacrifice

A Pleasing Sacrifice

Ultimate Love

Were You There?

Power in the Blood

What the Cross Accomplished


Physical Facts of Easter

Believing Thomas

Seated in Heaven

The Exalted Christ

The King and I

The Beginning and the End

Better Than Luck

Holy Spirit

Cut to the Heart

A Special Roommate

The Fruit of the Spirit

Reading God’s Mind

Under the Influence

The Spirit of Truth

Do Miracles Happen Today?

Fears Relieved

Flooded by Love

Guided by God

The Water of Life

Revival Power

Power Unlimited

Speaking in Tongues

Spiritual Gifts

God’s Golden Chain

Waiting for the Wind

The Christmas Spirit

The Spirit of the Law

The Water of Life


Why Church?

Finding a Church

Amazing the Angels

Accepting One Another

Male and Female in the Church

Baptism and New Life

Should Babies Be Baptized

Blood of the Covenant

Gay Couples in Church

Salt and Light

The Zombie Church

Choosing Your Companions


Forces of the Future

The Antichrist

A Date With Destiny

Judgment Day

The Appointed Judge

The Rapture

After You Die

Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Happiness

Heavenly Relationships

A New Focus

Forever Young


Hell to Pay