Ecclesiastes offers hard-nosed realism about life. These messages by Dr. David Feddes cover the entirety of this profound Bible book. Click a link for video, audio, and text.

Under the Sun (1:1-18)

Chasing the Wind (2:1-26)

Timing is Everything (3:1-22)

The Friendship Factor (4:1-16)

Worship Warnings (5:1-7)

What Money Can’t Buy (5:8-6:12)

The School of Hard Knocks (7:1-29)

Living With Limits (8:1-17)

You Only Live Once (9:1-12)

Stupidity Stinks (9:13-10:20)

Risk and Reward (11:1-6)

Making the Most of Life (11:7-12:14)

The Last Word (12:9-14)